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We are an award-winning Technology & Media company!

We produce TV shows and animations for our audience as well as develop cloud platforms, mobile apps and whatsapp bots for our clients!

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Nafuna Creatives - The all in one agency!

Our Agency team, dubbed "Nafuna Creatives" is made up of the very best creative app developers, directors, copywriters, designers, animators, digital strategists and audio proffessionals.

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Can Nafuna do my Ads?

Yes! We create engaging and original Ads for the Afrikan audience. We're a digital comapny so all our ads are built for mobile-first deployment. They work for social media and the web!

Does Nafuna design and build websites and mobile apps?

Yes! We handle all aspects of the digital brand strategy! This means that we handle everything from the web to social media! The website is a great place to start so we focus on providing the market with highly effective and engaging web packages! Our Teknoloji by Nafuna team can handle anything from simple sites to complex web applications.

What happened to Nafuna Shows?

As with all things, we grow! When we started, our content was focused on entertainment and hip hop. We had a lot of shows that were produced and over time we changed strategy. We have since adopted a Less Is More strategy and have reduced our content to just 3 items. Angry Mwana, Projekt:Nyika and Explaining Afrika. Content focused on culture and education.

Does Nafuna do traditional advertising?

While a lot of our services certainly overlap with traditional Ad Agencies, we like to specialize on all things digital. This means our focus is on digital brand strategy, Animation, app development and stuff like that!

Leading animation & video production!

We have been producing high quality 3D and 2D animation for the Zimbabwean, regional and international clientelle for over 10 years now!

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World class Technology solutions!

From simple landing pages to complex web applications, we have the experience to bring your brand online the right way! We cover websites, web apps, whatsapp bots, mobile apps and more!

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Leading media Training!

We provide leading media training for individuals and organisations in the areas of animation, digital marketing, video production and social media. We train media companies, embassies, NGOs and corporates in digital media transformation.

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