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Our leading animated series called Angry Mwana. This multifascetted project includes an animated show, merchandise, a mobile game and more!

We're hard at work on the new Angry Mwana content and merchandise. We're also going to be relaunching our Angry Mwana Whatsapp Bot soon so you can get all your favourite episodes there! In the meantime, as we get this part of the site ready, you can enjoy the content below!

Episodes and older seasons!

You can catch up to older links and episodes using the link below. We're hard at work on a new season right now and the team should be sharing more on the upcoming blog section! We have a lot of new things planned for Angry Mwana and we will be sharing more as we go along. Changes to this section are expected all through March and April so make sure to come back periodically!
We're also launching Nafuna Accounts! A new feature that will allow you to register an account with us that you will be able to use to access new content and updates!

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