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Our animated plans!

Our animated video plans give you a set of unique, engadging and fully animated videos that cover a wide range of uses.
We have the most populaer Explaina Plan, this is built for educating your audience while our Ngano plan entertains and our Promota plan sells!


Quality Animation

We focus on quality! We offer both 2D and 3D animation to themarket at the best quality in town!


Effective Animation

Our animation leverages storytelling techniques that tell our client brand stories in the most effective ways!


Engaging Animation

We keep the people locked onto your videos! Our videos emply the very best production techniques to bring you the best quality!

Extensive pre-production process.

We focus on concept development. Here we explore all the creative ideas we have for the project. We produce concept art as well as storyboards and animatics. These guide the video making process!
We do this to ensure that projects move as planned and that our team gets on the same page with your vision!

Engaging Motion Design

We use high quality motion graphics that utilise both 2D and 3D technologies to animate design elements. These are what hold a general video together and deliver useful information and infographics to the audience.
Our team has over 10 years of experience delivering high quality Motion graphics to clients of all sizes.

2D and 3D Characters!

Include high quality characters in your videos. We can use characters from our library or custom build new characters for your video! Our team can deliver it all! We use cutting edge techniques to bring your characters to life. Engaging characters increase video conversion!

Extras and addons!

We ensure our videos are modular and flexible. You can add as many additional features to a video. There are seeral options available to you from adding:

  • Voice Over Recording
  • Original Music
  • Characters
  • 3D Models
  • and much more...

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